Queen Bee

Liquid Paint Manifesto (presented during ART INNSBRUCK 16. – 19. Jänner 2020)

“This age of ours excels in dismantling structures and liquefying models, every type of structure and every type of model, with randomness and without notice”

Zygmunt Bauman, Liquid Modernity

A liquid painting is nothing more than a painting where the fundamental elements “ingredients” of the painting are decomposed without being previously mixed or blended. We therefore find that oxides such as lacquers are free to roam inside the bag together with the liquids. The essential liquids are linseed oil, poppy oil, turpentine essential oil and more.

The possibility of the medium to remain in the liquid state is guaranteed by the hermetic bag in which these fundamental elements are collected. The oxygen present is not sufficient to guarantee solidification and the liquid state is maintained over time.

Characteristic elements of the liquid framework:

1) the real Medium (according to Marshall McLuhan’s logic) is not the painting itself but the plastic bag. It is the sack of the first interface with the viewer, separated from the external space by the internal one. Its transparency allow to see inside, its plastic material instead reflects the external space by melting in and out in a liquid surface.

2) Gravity is an active force, it continuously shapes the relationship between liquid and pigments.

3) Just to contrast and playing with Gravity, neutral objects can be included. In this way the gravitational game becomes unique and unrepeatable.

4) The spectator actively participates in the composition of the work through the mechanical actions that create unique and unrepeatable images.

5) The connections that are created inside the bag must be conceptually always modifiable. In this way, the “ingredients” can maintain their nature over time.

6) The destructuring of the painted canvas, understood in the classical sense, takes place following the schemes of the XML programming language (Extensible Markup Language). In this language, in order to efficiently send a message between web servers, the data are destructured into their fundamental elements: structure, form, content. In this way the data became Liquid.

QUEEN BEE Verona 2020

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